Sunshine and films

A clear sunny day promising Spring. I’m about to take the dogs for their lunchtime walk. This morning they ran and ran after two red balls till they were so tired they had to lie down in a puddle and drink it up from round them. We can’t leave the house yet as one of them has his eye on a blackbird bathing in the water collected in the back of a tricycle.

Exciting developments for the project this week: I had a meeting and first walk-through with Alan Fentiman, who’s going to make a documentary film about walking and writing with me. It’s early days, but we’re thinking there will be five films, each recording one of my Monday–Friday walks and focusing on a different aspect of the research. 

Alan has produced a number of documentaries focusing on artistic processes, for example this one on the Witness project, an elaborately fascinating musical version of Chinese whispers. I’m hoping to convince him that our film should include a Bouncer’s dream type sequence.

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