Modernism and Non-Translation

A non-walking post today: details of this workshop at Durham University on Modernism and Non-translation – of interest to me because of my article on untranslated fragments in Michael Hofmann’s poetry.

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Lakhovsky_ConversationA workshop on 4th to 5th July will explore the topic of “modernism and non-translation.” The event will see a series of interdisciplinary position papers from leading scholars.

The remit of the workshop is to explore the incorporation of untranslated words, phrases, or textual fragments in modernist writing. The workshop aims to develop a series of inter-connecting test-cases that explore modernists’ use of non-translation in order address the shared themes outlined below.

  • The relationship between modernism and practices of translation. How did writers respond to their lack of knowledge of languages they also worked with (Woolf and Greek; Pound and Chinese; Joyce and Norwegian)? How integral is non-translation to modernism? Is there an implicit theory of translation in modernism? The epistemology of translation: how is “linguistic knowledge” itself raised as a question or problem through practices of non-translation?
  • The political and cultural implications of non-translation: what are the implied relations of “host”…

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