The walking writer at Grasmere: Cancelled


***I’m afraid the film and walk event at the Wordsworth Trust this Saturday has had to be cancelled. I’m hoping to arrange a new event to showcase the film in the near future.***

Join me this Sunday 21 April at Dove Cottage for the premiere of the documentary film I’ve made with Alan Fentiman, followed by a reading and a walk. More details here. It would be lovely to see you.

  1. Miriam Darlington said:

    Hi Tony, I’ve enjoyed your posts and am interested in the dog walking theme – I walk my dog everyday as practice and it always has creative benefits.. He sometimes gets lost (or we become separated) and that’s when the adventure starts. I see him as a path finder (and path loser), but all this is a great metaphor for walking and the creative process. Animals are such great role models: when I was writing ‘Otter Country’ I wrote about my dog and how I admired his sensory interaction with the world. He’s learned to tiptoe when we’re looking for otters..

    You might be interested in coming to hear my talk on it all at Hexham Book Fest Sat April 27th at 12.30; ‘Otter Country’ was part of a Creative Writing PhD at Exeter uni – I’m still writing up and finishing September (in theory).

    All best for your project


  2. Hi Miriam, Great to hear from you. I completely agree about the input dogs have – although it seems as if the human is in control, in fact walks are more or a partnership, or a dance, or maybe a car chase… A bit like creative practice really, the way you try to control things but always have to respond to something other than yourself as it proceeds.

    Your talk and project sounds fascinating – I’ll try to get over on the 27th to listen and say hello. Let’s keep in touch.

    PS Sadly the event at Grasmere is cancelled…

  3. Miriam Darlington said:

    What a pity about Grasmere! Just the right time of year for a walk there.. You might like my latest walk blog post:
    Hope to see you in Hexham – bring friends/students but maybe not dogs though.

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