Roam to Write: Day 1

Every day this week I’ll be launching a new installment of Roam to Write, the film on dog-walking and writing I’ve made with Alan Fentiman. Today’s is Monday.

I’d love to hear your reactions and comments.

Day 1 from Alan Fentiman on Vimeo.

  1. Thanks ever so much for posting these, they look excellent. One of these days I need to fully explore the realm of vimeo, I’m very behind on the realm of the Internet/the web/whatever. However, it being younger than me, i’m sure I can master it and explore its avenues. Psychogeography 2.0 (!) xx (i’m sure psychogeographical explorations of the net have already been done to death but seeing as i’m not au fait with SF i’ll have a bash.)

  2. Vimeo’s pretty much terra incognita to me too, James. One of the fascinating things about making this film with Alan has been seeing how a different creative practice operates – sometimes there are obviously analogous techniques with writing, and sometimes not. For example, if it rains when I’m writing, I don’t have to pack up and go home… Might do a blog post on the collaborative process – it’s taught me more about writing as well as film-making.

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